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Technical and Natural Sciencies

Detection of Salmonella Nucleic Acids by Hybridization in Poultry Companies

Liliana H. Lound et al.

Key Words: Microbiology - salmonella - hybridization - chicken - eggs
In this study, two methodologies for searching Salmonella in the poultry industry were compared: the colorimetric DNA hybridization method (cDNAH) by Gene TrakTM and the conventional methodology proposed by the International Commission for Microbiological Standard Foods (ICMSF). The samples analyzed, over a total 957, were balanced food, raw materials used in the latter's production, chicken skeletons, eggs, baby chickens, breeding chickens for grilling, environment and water used in the farm work process. Salmonella strains and non-Salmonella cultures were also processed, as well as 9 inoculated samples. Statistical analysis data indicate that in the different samples there is a significant difference between both methodologies, and the conclusion drawn on the total samples points out that the hybridization method only leads to a supposed identification of the Salmonella. When the result is negative, it is definitive. But if the result is positive, it must be confirmed by conventional methods and serology. The colorimetric hybridization method is presented as an interesting screening method for the poultry industry, with important advantages over the conventional one: it is easy to process a great number of samples simultaneously without using a great amount of material, less time for obtaining results and high sensitivity.

Experimental Pilot Plant For Treating Urban Solid Waste

Néstor R. Leguizamón et al.

Key Words: Ecology - recycling - compost - organic and inorganic waste - junkman

A study was carried out with the goal of defining a strategy to handle home solid waste in the different localities in the Province of Entre Ríos (Argentina), and especially in the city of Concepción del Uruguay, where an Experimental Pilot Plant was set up. Social and sanitary aspects were considered, trying to include in the process the informal workers on the field, called cirujas (junkmen), as well as to analyze health and environmental pollution due to open junkyards. With this criterion, organic and inorganic waste was separated. Working with the former, results compatible to bibliography on the topic were achieved even in using the compost obtained to improve soil in a germination and growth experience with the Utrillo pea variety carried out. Data were gathered on inorganic material and its possible marketing and on the necessary investments to make the Plant capable of self-financing.

Statistical Study on Blood Alcohol Level in Drivers along a National Route with High Traffic

Carlos A. Goldaracena et al.

Key Words: Toxicology - blood alcohol level - accidents - prevention
The role of alcohol in traffic accidents is well known and it has reached alarming figures in Argentine routes. For that reason, a blood alcohol level program was carried out in a significant group of drivers along the National Route Nº 14, nearby Gualeguaychú, aiming as well to inform them and raise their awareness about the dangers of driving under the effect of alcoholic beverages. Materials and methods: A survey was carried out, and the presence of alcohol was determined in air expired employing a digital breathalyzer Alco Sensor IV (Intoximeters Inc.) to 926 drivers in different types of vehicles, anonymously, voluntarily and in a non punitive way, handing out an explaining leaflet on the reasons for the test. Results: A 16.3% from all those surveyed drove with significant levels of alcohol in blood (14.7% with values between 0.1 and 0.5 gr. 0/00 and 1.6% with values higher than 0.5% 0/00). Conclusion: It was observed that drivers highly agreed to controls being performed and significantly ignored the effects of alcohol on the skills used in driving. Thus, it is possible to assume there is an urgent need to make this problem known and to implement these controls in the main routes of the country.
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