N° 22, Año XII, mayo 2001


Abstracts - Resúmenes

Humanities and Social Sciencies

  • Incidence of Environmental Conditions on the Health of Junkmen in the Municipal Junkyard in the City of Paraná (Argentina)
    María Griselda Anzola et al.
  • Those "Up There" and Those "Down There". A Problem of Disctrict Cultural Identity in the City of Paraná (Entre Ríos)
    Enrique Timó; Raquel Basso
  • Poverty: Living Conditions in the City of Paraná (Argentina)
    Graciela Mingo de Bevilacqua et al.
  • Study on Comparative Profitability in the Industrial Productive Integrated Process of Beef in Entre Ríos
    Gabriel Villanova et al.
  • The "Cyclone" Ii Anacleto Medina Sur (Constructing a Identity i Urban Poverty Areas)
    Patricia C. Fasano

Technical and Natural Sciencies


  • Detection of Salmonella Nucleic Acids by Hybridization in Poultry Companies
    Liliana H. Lound et al.
  • Experimental Pilot Plant For Treating Urban Solid Waste
    Néstor R. Leguizamón et al.
  • Statistical Study on Blood Alcohol Level in Drivers along a National Route with High Traffic
    Carlos A. Goldaracena et al.

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