CDT Nº 26, Año XIV, mayo de 2003


Abstracts - Resúmenes

Science, Technology and Society Documents

  • Scientific Knowledge and social usefulness
    Pablo Kreimer

Humanities and Social Sciencies

  • Modalities of Educational Tutorship in Solving Problems and in Knowledge Learning
    Néstor Roselli
  • Construction of the Knowledge to Be Taught in the Geography, History and Philosophy, Psychology and Pedagogy Teachers College
    M. E. Saleme de Burnichon, M. del C. Castells, M. A. Migueles, M. l. Corfield
  • An Approach to the Operation of the Flower Market in the Province of Entre Ríos (Argentina)
    G. F. Villanova, G. Dondo, M. Handloser, M. Schoenfeld
  • Science and Society: Epistemological Contributions to Reinstate a Dissociated Link
    Gustavo Pizzio
Exact and Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology
  • Design of an Electromyographic Equipment Based on a PC
    Monica Baroli, Claudia Bonell
Agricultural and Medical Sciences
  • Bioecology of Watergrass (Echinochloa spp.) in Rice Fields Under Different Management Techniques in Entre Ríos (Argentina)
    R.A. Sabattini, S.M. Sione, M.M. Anglada, A.F. Dorsch, J.I. Elizalde, V.H. Lallana, A. Maidana, A. Del Porto, S. Ledesma, G. Cencig
  • Viability and Longevity of Forage Legume Hard Seeds
    L.R. Zimmermann, A.A. Galussi, A.H. Martinelli, A.P. Fernández

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