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Humanities - Social Sciencies 
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icono Orality and Literacy. Their intersection in several local productions
Marcela Reynoso, Raquel Lothringer, Marra Mónica Sforza, Marra Elena Lothringer, Ignacio Gonzalez Lowy, Paula Bottino, Tatiana Ingaramo
Key words: orality/literacy - hybridization - context-models - discourse processing
Social institutions generate a variety of texts whose origin either oral or written seems difficult to trace. This enables us to reflect upon the orality/literacy relationship not as opposite poles but rather as poles in a gradation. The main interest of this research focused in the contrastive analysis of linguistic devices used in texts produced by local institutions that reveal the passage from orality to literacy (interviews and printed news items, legislative minutes and committees' proceedings) and vice versa (several television and radio programmes) as well as in the study of 'purer' oral and written texts (such as private and semi-public talks, and different literary genres). Hence the study allowed us to enhance the notion of 'hybridization', The working of those devices is later analysed and interpreted from a socio-cognitive perspective focused on the monitoring by context-models that underlie discourse processing. Finally some hints are drawn that may help us assess the didactic approach to texts used in the academic field

icono Relationships between education and job-finding for psycho pedagogues in the Entre Ríos Province
Ana Marra Bartolini
Key words: psychopedagogy - professional education of psychopedagogues - job-finding - Entre Rios
The relationship between education and job-finding was investigated in the Province of Entre Rios (Argentina), regarding psychopedagogues who graduated from the Facultad de Humanidades "Teresa de Avila" from the Universidad Católica Argentina in Parana. The information was gathered through a self-administered inquiry applied to a non-probabilistic sample of 106 professionals, according to the following variables: graduates sociodemographic aspects, education received, characteristics of the jobs obtained, needs of education derived from the professional work, and perception the graduates have about that work. Among the conclusions some positive aspects arise from that relationship, such as: full employment and job-finding in the place they live, posts held in the areas of Health and Education, the possibility of working in private practice and their performance in institutions, professionals that are characterized by being generalists. As drawbacks the following were observed: underemployment and overemployment, high female gender predominance, a need to have more than one job, scant participation in scientific events and low post-degree education.

icono About emptiness and subjects
Mirta A. Giacaglia
Key words: structure - empty pigeonhole - empty signifier - subject
The topic of the subject constitutes nowadays a core issue regarding questioning about how to constitute ourselves in subjectivities capable of thinking of a political horizon of emancipa• tion• Thus, we propose thinking about the issue of structure and subjectivity starting from.the idea of structural failure, of impossibility of closure for the systems, and regarding this, we will attempt to reflect on the cathegory of empty pigeonhole, tracking this notion to Introduction of the Work of Marcel Mauss by Claude Levi-Strauss and The Purloined Letter by Jacques Lacan, and articulating it with the concepts of empty signifier and subject by Ernesto Laclau.

icono Motivation in university classrooms: a pedagogical need?
Sergio Montico
Key words: motivation - educator-student - university classroom
There is accordance in defining motivation as a set of processes implied in activation, direc¬tion and persistence of behavior. Motivating students is guiding them towards a direction, and ensuring that they follow the necessary steps to optimize the link between teaching and learning. Motivation may occur from what is done with, or by the students to encourage them, or besides, from self-generated factors that influence in determining a specific behavior. In this paper, some concepts are introduced which are related to the need of encouraging motivation in university classrooms, to search for satisfaction and a better academic performance by students. Educator-student interrelationships that occur regarding the motivating-motivated roles are discussed, where the former generate conditions and the latter express his/her abilities.

Exact and Natural Sciences - Engineering and Technology
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icono Comparative study on the conceptions of scientific model in Physics
Stella Maris Islas, Marta A. Pesa
Key words: Education on Physics - scientific model - scientific knowledge
We present the results of comparing the conceptions of model in scientists, students of the career of Professor on Physics and educators on Physics. From the analysis of what was recorded In semi-structured interviews held with members of each of these groups, the com¬parison shows that the conceptions of model in scientists and in educators differ mainly in connection with: the model-reality relationship and the role of models in constructing scientific knowledge. The ideas of those who work and study in the field of scientific research are consistent with the consensual ideas found in specific literature, while certain educators express some ideas incompatible with the consensual ones. The conceptualization of scientific model appears to be more strongly influenced by the execution of research papers than by existing classroom situations that deal with the topic.

icono Bromatological characterization of Argentine apicultural pollen
Bertha Baldi Coronel; Diego Grasso; Silvia Chaves Pereira; Gonzalo Fernandez
Key words: apiculture - apicultural pollen - commercialization - bromatological quality - preservation
With the aim of knowing if apicultural pollen for food use preserves its nutritional characteristics after the different technological practices for its handling, packaging and afterward storing, samples of the fractioned product for domestic commercialization, collected from retail stores, were analyzed. The chemical-nutritional and microbiological compositions as well as sensory and granulometric characteristics concerning their commercial quality, the hygienic-sanitary, storing and fractioning procedure conditions, types of packaging used and stated expiration date were studied. These data were cross-referenced with those obtained for de-hydrated products and the results obtained were contrasted against international guidelines and the Código Alimentario Argentino (Argentine Food Code). The results indicate that the product represents a good commercial alternative due to its presentation in grains of a proper size, of good consistency and normal organoleptic characteristics. Storing did not influence on the physicochemical composition, and the drying process applied has allowed to obtain the proper humidity to maintain a good preservation during the period that extends until the expiration date.

icono A class-delivering system aiming at increasing retention in Physics I in the Faculty of Engineering (UNER)
Jose Di Paolo; Cristina H. Dall'Ava
Key words: didactics of Physics - class-delivering system - university students' retention
Learning Physics in the university springs from a process influenced by difficulties inherent to the teaching-learning process, which hamper the proper education of the students and their retention in the classrooms. In this article, the experience of a class-delivering system in Physics I in the career of Bioengineering is presented. The system is mainly centered in the followup of students, group work, and evaluations at the end of the course. This permitted increasing the retention of the students, and for many of them, the achievement of the basic objectives. Such system was evaluated over the 1998-2002 term, and the results indicate that retention along the classes delivered of the subject show a tendency to Increase. Likewise, from the total of regular students (who reached the basic objectives), between a 10% and a 25% obtained this condition due to the possibility of retaking the first partial examinations at the end of the year, proving that many of them understand the logic of the subject once they have entered the second four-month period.

Agrarian Sciences - Medical Sciences
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icono Impact of Permanent Education of Health Care on the quality of the care practices in hospitals
Fernando Martinicorena
Key words: Public Health - Permanent Education of Health Care - public hospitals - Province of Buenos Aires
With the aim of evaluating the impact of Permanent Education of Health Care (PEHC) on the quality of the care practices in the Hospitals of the Public Subsector of the Province of Buenos Aires, a descriptive research was conducted during 2001, the results of which are presented in this article. The conclusions obtained from the three surveyed areas are displayed: the perception of the practices of the worker once trained with PEHC strategies, the evaluation of the design of Plans of Studies, and the impact of both on the Quality of the Practices of Hospital Care. Finally, some suggestions are made addressed to the Technical-Political sectors, to implement decentralized strategies for training Health Care workers, to the Teams for Training in Health Care that organize, plan, monitor and assess the Plans of Studies used, and to those responsible for designing educational policies on health care, focused on the impact they produce on the quality of the practices of hospital care in the province.

icono Pollen dispersion in a maize lot
Sauthier Marcelo; Castano Fernando D.
Key words: Pollen - maize - kernel set - gene flow
Pollen is an important vector of gene flow in maize, An experiment was conducted in order to investigate the isolation distance under Argentinean environmental conditions, Distances were evaluated by counting the number of kernels formed at different distances between both pollen source and the target plant. The target plant material was grown at both sides of the pollen source, Results showed that although it was possible to obtain kernels at a distance of 597 m at both sides from the pollen source, the highest grain number was associated with the wind direction as well as the distance from the pollen source, The isolation distance established by our National Regulation Committee for certificated corn seed seems to be insufficient. Several tools that can be implemented to minimize the risk of gene flow toward neighboring maize lots are discussed.