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Argumentation and Didaxis*

Reynoso, Marcela**; Sforza, Mónica**; Rosa, Bernarda**; Waigandt, Diana**; Leiva, Gabriela**


Key words: discourse analysis, teaching, argumentation, comprehension, foreign languages

This paper presents a case study that explored the incidence of the systematization and conceptualization of discourse mechanisms present in highly argumentative texts to be read in a foreign language (English and French) as part of non-linguistic undergraduate curricula. To attain this goal, two main tasks were pursued: first, the analysis of a set of texts (corpus) following the principles of Natural Logic. From this perspective, the reading process, understood from a cognitive view, can also be considered from a semiolinguistic conception under bajtinian influence. Second, the teaching of the findings –conceived as an activity that relates practice to theory– enables the latter to acquire a new dimension as the former is constantly revised. The results obtained show that didactic intervention favours learning processes as a closer interaction between reader-author of the text is attained.


*) Paper derived from research project UNER # 3105, Faculty of Educational Sciences, National University of Entre Rios (UNER), Parana (Argentina), 2004-2007; Director: M. Reynoso, Codirector: M. Sforza; submitted in May 2008; admitted in February 2009.

**)Faculty of Educational Sciences, UNER, Parana (Argentina). marcelareynoso@arnet.com.ar

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The Meaning of Gossip in an Urban Poor Community*

Fasano, Patricia**; Ruiu, Aurora**; Giménez, Juan M.**; Ramírez, Alejandro**; Aymá, Ana**; Savulsky, Natalia**

Key words: social anthropology, gossip, communication, poverty, performance


This paper explains the meaning of gossip as a communication practice in an urban poor community of Paraná city (Argentina). Through an ethnographic research carried out in La Pasarela (by other name Belgrano) neighborhood between 2002 and 2003, the authors show how the practice of gossip puts into form –gives form, performs– some specific characteristics of urban poverty sociality, specially constituting a paradigmatic manifestation of place that community dimension presents within that sociality. Through an analysis that emphasizes the constructive condition of communication practices –and of discursive ones in general– it is aimed to show how gossip constitutes a kind of sociality being at the same time its product.


*) Paper derived from research project UNER # 3073, Director: P. Fasano; Faculty of Educational Sciences, National University of Entre Rios (UNER), Paraná (Argentina); submitted in September 2007, admitted in April 2009.

**) Faculty of Educational Sciences, UNER, Paraná (Argentina). quiensabe@arnet.com.ar

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The Role of the Ideology of Normality in the Production of Disability*

Rosato, Ana**; Angelino, Alfonsina***; Almeida, María E.***; Angelino, César***; Kippen, Esteban***; Sánchez, Candelaria***; Spadillero, Agustina***; Vallejos, Indiana***; Zuttión, Betina***; Priolo, Marcos***

Key words: Social work, disability, ideology, normality, exclusion


This paper is aimed to show the way in which the term disability is understood going way beyond the biological and natural domains as they are fixed in the common sense. Our hypothesis is that the term disability has to be thought in the context of the social relations as well as of the material and symbolic meaning production processes in our society. In this regard our proposal was to trace the roots of the use of that term establishing the historical, social and political conditions which constitute subjects invoking «biological» and «body» supposedly based «in nature» reasons. In doing so, we demonstrate how in that context disability is a category within a classification system which produces subjects, from the idea of a «unique normalcy» that functions as a measure parameter of normal/abnormal, as well as an ideology that legitimizes inequality and asymmetric relationships.


*) This paper presents several results of research project UNER # 5042, directed by A. Rosato, Faculty of Social Work, National University of Entre Rios (UNER), Paraná (Argentina), 2004-2007; submitted in December 2008, admitted in July 2009.

**) Faculty of Social Work, UNER (Paraná), University of Buenos Aires –UBA– (Buenos Aires), Institute for Economical and Social Developement –IDES– (Buenos Aires), Argentina. anarosato@fibertel.com.ar

***) Faculty of Social Work, UNER, Paraná (Argentina)

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Rancière and the Possibility of a «Political Event» in Education*

Beraldi, Gastón**

Key words: Philosophy, education, event, politics, suspicion


This paper is aimed first to think about the possibility of seeing Rancière as a «master of suspicion» according to his critical analysis of the explanatory pedagogy, and then to analyze whether the proposal of Rancière/Jacotot might become a political event in education. The condition for it would lie in the fact that the thesis of Rancière could become an irruption in Badiou’s terms, and that it could be characterized as a political event in education to the point of causing its crisis.


*) A first draft of this paper was written in a post degree seminar framed in the Program: «Social Philosophy, Education and Politics», Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (UBA); submitted in April 2009, admitted in October 2009.

**) Teacher assistant, PhD student in Philosophy, UBA post degree grant, Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, UBA, Buenos Aires (Argentina). ggberaldi@yahoo.com.ar, gberaldi@derecho.uba.ar

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Exact y Natural Sciences


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Behaviour of Turfgrasses of Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers. in Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina*

Laurencena, María I. **; Carponi, María S.**; Reinoso, Patricia D.**; Butus, Marina**; Scorciapino, Claudia**; Galli , Martín**; Pérez, Guillermo**


Key words: Agricultural Sciences, turf grass, Cynodon dactylon, Bermuda grass

In subtropical or warmer regions, warm season grasses are the basis of turfgrass but they show dormancy during the winter season. Therefore to have the deepest knowledge of grasses with periods of emergency to implantation and inactive short vegetative states, thin texture, good colour, good sanitary behaviour and response to fertilization is of utmost importance. The aim of this study was to evaluate the behaviour of Cynodon dactylon grasses (bermudagrass) commercialized for sportive and ornamental uses in the Departament of Paraná (Entre Rios, Argentina). Response to fertilization, sprouting, dormancy, colour, texture and coverage were evaluated. The test consisted of two treatments: with and without drainage, with four repetitions. The experimental design consisted of paired-plots; measurements were taken from March 2005 to November 2006.There were no differences among the evaluated bermudagrasses and they were all characterized as showing high coverage, thin texture, medium green colour, dormancy at low temperatures and a good response to fertilization.

*) Paper derived from the research project UNER #2099, Director: M.I. Laurencena; Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, National University of Entre Rios (UNER), 2004-2007; submitted in August 2009 ; admitted in October 2009.

**) Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, UNER, Oro Verde (Argentina). cesped@fca.uner.edu.ar

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Alcoholic Fermentation of Orange Juice with S. Cerevisiae*

Ferreyra, María M.**; Schvab, María del C.**; Gerard, Liliana M.**; Zapata, Luz M.**; Davies, Cristina V.**; Hours Roque A.***


Key words: alcoholic fermentation, orange juice, yeasts

Orange juice was fermented with S. cerevisiae using natural (NJ) or pasteurized (PJ) juice, at 2 pHs (3.5 or 4.0) and at 2 temperatures of fermentation (10 or 20°C) and 2 of aging (10 or 20°C). Reducing sugars (RS) and total sugars (TS), amino- N and yeast counts were determined during 4 stages: initial, fermentation, bottling and aging (4 months). Sugars and ethanol were determined as well at the end. RS and TS decreased during the fermentation for both musts as well as amino-N, later remaining almost constant. Yeast counts were 2×106/mL (NJ) and 7×106/mL (PJ). Fructose (80-90%) and glucose (<20%) were detected after bottling but not sucrose. Ethanol reached 60-80 g/L (NJ) and 80-85 g/L (PJ). Sugars and amino-N increased slightly during aging, but ethanol decreased in NJ and increased slightly in PJ. Yeast counts decreased. Yeasts metabolized almost all sugars and amino-N during the fermentation for growing; later, during ethanol production there were almost no changes up to bottling, occurring their lysis.


*) Paper presenting parcial results from research project UNER # 8029, 2004-2006, directed by R. A. Hours, Faculty of Food Sciences, National University of Entre Rios (UNER), funded by SYCTFRH, UNER; submitted in June 2009, admitted in October 2009.

**) Faculty of Food Sciences, UNER, Concordia (Argentina).

***) Faculty of Food Sciences, UNER, Concordia (Argentina); CINDEFI, Faculty of Exact Sciences, National University of La Plata, La Plata (Argentina). hours@biotec.org.ar

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Three Cases of Canine Leproid Granuloma Syndrome in Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina *

Jorge, María C.**; Traversa, María, J.**; Fresneda, Karina, C.**; Belsito, Jorgelina ***; Passucci, Juan**; Caraduje, Natalia V.***


Key words: canine, leproid granuloma syndrome, mycobacterial

Canine leproid granuloma syndrome (CLGS) is a nodular granulomatous inflammation in the skin and the subcutis caused by Mycobacterium sp. Nodular lessions may be simple or multiple and are located in the head, nose, ears, thoracic limbs and trunk. In the laboratory diagnosis is based upon citology, histopathology and evidences of the etiology. A novel secuence of Mycobacterium sp. was demonstrated by CRP. In this paper three cases of CLGS confirmed by Ziehl Neelsen stain and citology are described. Rifampicin and clarithromycin therapy was succefull in all these cases. Taxonomic identification of the agent should assist in the determination of culture requirements facilitating prevention, treatment and control of the disease.


*) Paper presenting some results from the SeCAT- UNCPBA research project #03/H201, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, National University from the Center of Buenos Aires Province (UNCPBA); submitted in May 2009; admitted in October 2009.

**) Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, UNCPBA, Tandil (Argentina). e-mail: mcjorge@vet.unicen.edu.ar

***) Veterinary surgeon, Tandil (Argentina)

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Resistance to Herbicides. Glyphosate*

Villalba, Andrea **


Key words: Agricultural sciences, herbicide resistance, glyphosate

This paper presents a revision of resistance to herbicides mechanisms and factors of those developments in plants. Glyphosate resistent plants in Argentina and the world are considered. Mechanisms of action and development of glyphosate resistance and preventive behaviors are proposed.


*) Paper framed in the author’s Doctoral research project «Effects of Glyphosate and Metsulphuron Methyl in Aquatic Plants and their Possible Use as Bioindicators», National University of the Litoral (UNL); submitted in March 2009, admitted in Setember 2009.

**) Plant Diversity Area, Department of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, UNL, Santa Fe (Argentina). abvdesantafe@yahoo.com.ar


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Experiences in Image Management by Content in Object-Relational Databases*

Alvez, Carlos E. **; Vecchietti Aldo R. ***


Key words: Informatics, Object-Relational, Databases, content-based retrieval

In this paper, several alternatives for the storage of still images in databases given by the Object-Relational technology are analyzed. The aim was to study, by means of two examples, implementation in Oracle 10g database, the technology behaviour in the storage, query formulation and image recovery. The first application corresponds to the storage of medical images complying with DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) standard, Oracle 10g ORDImage objects have been used for this case. The second example deals with the storage of images for a digital newspaper for which SI_StillImage of the SQL/MM standard have been employed. The capabilities provided by the Object Relational technology facilitate the implementation of an images server. The advantages and drawbacks of using SQL/MM standard or native objects corresponding to Oracle 10g are also compared.


*) Paper derived from Research Project UNER # 7024, 2006-2007, Faculty of Administration Sciences, National University of Entre Rios (UNER-), Concordia, Argentina; submitted in Dicember 2008, admitted in November 2009.

**) Faculty of Economical Management, UNER. caralv@ai.fcad.uner.edu.ar

***) Information System Department, National Technological University (UTN) at Santa Fe; CONICET. aldovec@santafe-conicet.gov.ar

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