CDT Nº 44, Año XXIII, Mayo 2012

Resúmenes - Abstracts - Resumos

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li Humanities and Social Sciences

Definition and analysis of the Regional Innovation System: an approach to the case of Region de Los Lagos (Chile)

Díaz L., Guillermo; Lemarie, Rodolfo; Vallejos R., Arturo


Training programs on Information literacy in Argentine universities: levels of development

Uribe Tirado, Alejandro


History of the Educational Sciences Faculty in Parana (Argentina) (1920-1973)

Ossanna, Edgardo O.; López; María del Pilar; Kummer, Virginia; Ugalde, Mónica; Baraldi, Victoria; Olalla, Valeria; Baffico, Fernando


Modern reason and otherness. Interculturality in response

Giaccaglia, Mirta A.; Méndez, María Laura; Candioti, María Elena; Ramírez, Alejandro; Cabrera, Patricia; Barzola, Paola; Maldonado, Martín; Farneda, Pablo


Relations with "The otherT: d'Orbigny and Darwin at the Paraná River

Petrucci, Liliana Cecilia


On education and cultural consumption: an approach to university publics

Hinojosa Córdova, Lucila


Biofuels: linking the regional management policies and environmental and social impact

Montico, S.; Di Leo, N.; Bonel, B.; Denoia, J.; M. Costanzo

li Exact and Natural Sciences

Action of chlorine and activated carbon powder on the remotion of microcystin in drinking water

Rosales, R.J.; Cayetano Arteaga, M.C.; Cives, H.R


Considerations on a program for the development of generic competences in Engineering

Schmal S., Rodolfo