CDT Nº 45, Año XXIII, Noviembre 2012

Resúmenes - Abstracts - Resumos

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li Humanities and Social Sciences

Reading and writing of literature in electronic media

Neitzel, Adair de Aguiar; Rauen Moraes, Taiza Mara; Neitzel; Luiz Carlos; Viana, Elisangela


Sexology, gender perspective and medicalization in the contemporary Argentina

Jones, Daniel; Gogna, Mónica


The importance of including mental health as part of the integral care for women living with hiv/aids

Obiols, M. Julieta; Stolkiner, Alicia


The frame problem as a theoretical knot within the interface area between philosophy and cognitive sciences

Silenzi, María Inés


Thinking machines and future education: the Non-Axiomatic Reasoning System (NARS) program

López Astorga, Miguel


(Inter)Disciplinary Intervention: scope and limits of the technical teams from pedagogical support

Bertoldi, Sandra M.; Enrico, Liliana N.


Marxism and university in the journal Mikael (1973-1984)

Rodríguez, Laura Graciela

li Exact and Natural Sciences

Antibacterial activity of medicinal plants in the flora of Entre Ríos (Argentina)

Vivot, Eduardo; Sánchez, Cecilia; Cacik, Francisco; Sequin, Christian J.


PROT 12 FCA: a new no transgenic soybean cultivar with high protein

Fresoli, Diana M., Beret, Patricia N., Hirschfeld, Yanina


Relative Tetrapod Vulnerability in Arroyo Zabala Reserve (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Leber, Virginia; Kristensen, María Julia