CDT Nº 46, Año XXIII, Junio 2013

Resúmenes - Abstracts - Resumos

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Dossier Science, Technology & Society

Science research policies of Argentinian national universities within the national science system

Vasen, Federico


Dynamics of the relationship between CONICET and two Argentinian national universities

Oregioni, María Soledad*; Sarthou, Nerina

Capabilities and institutional conditions for internationalization in scientific research teams

López, María Paz

Humanities and Social Sciences

Labor informality by weak insertion: case study of the city of Concordia (Entre Rios, Argentina)

Reta, Magdalena; Toler, Stella


Contributions to thinking about community participation in health/mental health from the perspective of networks

Bang, Claudia; Stolkiner, Alicia


Strategies for the positioning of Carlos Mastronardi within the Argentinian literary system

Rosa, Claudia

Humanities and Social Sciences

Wikis used as a tool for collaborative work in learning processes for future teachers

Silva-Peña, Ilich; Salgado Labra, Isabel

Exact and Natural Sciences

Industrial waste management evaluation model applied to discarded foundry sands

Miguel, Roberto E.; Porta, Atilio A.; Banda Noriega, Roxana B.