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Humanities and Social Sciences


Education, culture and subjective inheritances: The modern concept of "civilization" and its derivations in Sarmiento's discourse

Enrico, Juliana


The derivations and the discursive effects of the modern episteme and the Enlightenment thinking in relation to the breakdown of the “archaic” colonial rationality in the course of the nineteenth century are analyzed in this paper, within the context of a wider research. This horizon of epochal transformation in the European civilization canon made possible the emergence of Latin American nation-states, and it is in such scenery that we searched about the conceptualizations made by Domingo F. Sarmiento in dialogue with the intellectual and political legacies of his time, with emphasis on the grammar of his “Civilization vs Barbarism” matrix, which permeated the national identity paradigm of Argentina since its founding to contemporaneity.

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Keywords: history of education, modern episteme, civilization, Sarmiento’s discourse, educational system

Argentine public school teachers’ conceptions of sexuality and gender

Kornblit, Ana Lía*; Sustas, Sebastián Ezequiel**; Adaszko, Dan***


In this paper, we analyze the data gathered through a survey to schoolteachers in public schools from all the country (Argentine Republic) that made the on-line course dictated by the Comprehensive Sexuality Education Program of the National Ministry of Education. The objective was to evaluate their opinions, beliefs and attitudes on issues related to sexuality, sexual diversity, decriminalization of abortion, gender equity and gender and sexuality. The sample consisted of 585 schoolteachers. For the analysis of data three multivariate methods were used. The results show that stereotypes associated with sexism and sexual diversity differ considerably in terms of their statistical representation in different regions of the country. Accordingly, the map of the conceptions of teachers taking into account geographical regions shows a marked heterogeneity.

Keywords: teacher education, sexual education, gender, sexual diversity, attitudes


Deconstruction as a transformation movement

Ayala Aragón, Oscar Ranulfo


This article analyzes the fundamental ideas of deconstruction as a philosophical movement. Jacques Derrida and, of course, Jonathan Culler through contributions to the analysis and the development of this movement, are the more important references. The lines of analysis are based on three key themes: deconstruction and logocentrism, deconstruction and causality and finally deconstruction, presence and temporality. From this analysis, the deconstruction is considered as a postmodernist cultural and social transformation movement.

Keywords: postmodern philosophy, deconstruction, logocentrism

Social capital. Theoretical reach and its empirical application to the analysis of public policies

Freyre, María Laura


In this article we present a critical analysis of the concept of social capital and its different meanings from social psychology, political science, sociology and anthropology, and its usefulness as an analytical category to approach empirical investigation from the perspective of Social reproduction strategies in poverty contexts. For this purpose we have developed the relationship between the notion of social capital and the concept of social networks, and we have justified the epistemological and methodological option for the definition given for those concepts in Pierre Bourdieu´s sociological theory. Then we considered the importance of the mentioned categories in order to think the design of social policy aimed at diminishing poverty. Therefore we considered the virtues of the relational perspective to comprehend the heterogeneity in the material and symbolic dimensions.

Keywords: sociology, social capital, social policies

The socialization process: notes for its exploration within the psychosocial field

Simkin, Hugo; Becerra, Gastón


This paper presents the “process of socialization” as an object of study for the social psychology, and reviews its state of the art from the literature available in academic databases under the terms “socialización” and “socialization”, mostly since 1990 and prioritizing those related to the Argentinean context. First, we introduce the most relevant dimensions of its treatment: its conceptual definition and organization in relation to contexts, objectives and stages; then, we review social sciences research works regarding the most common agents of socialization: family, peers, school and media.

Keywords: social psychology, process of socialization, agents of socialization

Knowledge community Ecosalud Etv

Magaña Valladares, Laura; Suárez Conejero, Juana E.; Gudiño Cejudo, María R.; Aguilar Cervantes, Ileana


The Leadership in Ecohealth Project for Vector-borne diseases (VBD’s) in Latin America and the Caribbean placed among the main work objectives the creation of a knowledge community to guarantee the sustainability of the training strategy. This paper is the result of a documentary research based on that experience, starting with the building of a knowledge community from the Portal of the initiative, taking benefits from the possibilities of collaborative work given by the Web 2.0 perspective and placing the Information and Communication Technologies as a key agent in public health services in the region.

Keywords: public health, web 2.0, ecohealth

Agro-industrial wastes gasification: prediction of different pollutants behavior

Rodríguez, Rosa Ana; Saffe, María Alejandra; Costante, Marianela; Plana, Yesica; Palacios, Carlos; Echegaray, Marcelo


Three agro-industrial wastes were characterized in order to carry out their thermal gasification, performing their immediate analysis determining concentration of Ca, K and Mg as well as of the three toxic representative metals: Cd, Cr and Pb, in their oxidation states and ground state. Concentration of those heavy metals was also determined in ashes resulting from the gasification process, and their motility was studied through three lixiviation essays. In order to predict the behavior of heavy metals, sulfur and chlorine compounds, the presence of water vapor, synthesis gas, Ca, Mg, K, Si, Al and other ash components was analyzed. Heavy metals are not more concentrated in gasification ashes; therefore they are released during the process. The Ca, Mg and K presence in these residues would aid the pollutants retention. According to the results of the leaching tests, ashes are considered non toxic.

Keywords: environmental technology, gasification, agro-industrial wastes, pollutant emissions, ash

Exact and Natural Sciences


Incidence of the initial pesticides charge in fruits upon residual levels in citrus essential oils

Montti, María I.; Visciglio, Silvia B.; Raviol, Fabricio H.; Subovich, Gladys E.; Munitz, Martín S.


Citrus represent an important crop in Argentina. Pesticides are usually applied for disease control in orchard and packinghouses. The present study aimed to optimize different methods for pesticide residues analysis in citrus fruits and essential oils, and to determine the effect of the initial pesticide charge in fruits upon the essential oils obtained during the industrial process. The calibration was performed on spiked samples because of the occurrence of matrix effect. The suggested methods were found to be selective, precise, highly accurate and sensitive. The amount of residues observed in fresh fruit varied depending on the different lots and pesticides. The persistence in post washed fruit, polished and dewaxed oils were different for each pesticide. The partitioning in the wax phase may be the reason for the slight residue reduction observed in the dewaxed oils. Results showed that the initial pesticide charge in fruits is significant.

Keywords: food technology, pesticides, citrics, essential oils

Determination of sodium in water by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

Garcimuño, Mayra; Díaz Pace, Diego M.


In the present work, Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) was applied to quantitative determination of Na in fresh water, of interest to agriculture for the study of alkalinity in irrigation water. To perform the analysis, liquid solutions were prepared with known concentrations of the analyte, mixed with calcium oxide and pressed into solid pellets. The plasmas were generated in air at atmospheric pressure using a pulsed Nd:YAG laser. A calibration curve was constructed and the limit of detection was calculated. Fresh water samples were analyzed and the results were compared with those obtained by atomic absorption spectroscopy, demonstrating the feasibility of the method for determination of Na in fresh water.

Keywords: LIBS, Laser–Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, water, Na analysis


High slip ring magnet coupling to test electric motors

Gallo, Omar D.


This paper describes the experimental tests carried out on a regenerative machine, for the testing of electric motors, in which direct magnetic coupling between the shaft of a motor –at different speeds– and the shaft of an asynchronous generator plays a fundamental role. The final goal was to acquire experiences and operating values needed for the design of similar and greater power test devices, which have the capability for reducing the power consumption to the greatest degree. The above mentioned direct magnetic coupling between a motor shaft and a generator shaft is a simple device that operates according to known principles, and in this case is a critical component responsible for regulating the power generated by the machine.

Keywords: electric machines, magnetic coupling, motor testing

Orange microflora adapted to cold and antagonistic activity against Penicillium digitatum (Pers.) Sacc

Visintin, Griselda; García, Blanca; Cáceres, Carina; Ludi Barzante, Luciano; Befani, Romina


The surface of plants is inhabited by populations of microorganisms in which it is possible to find pathogens antagonists. The present paper deals about the collection of microorganisms that inhabit the surface of citrus and their screening as potential postharvest pathogens antagonists. Protocols obtained in the study also considered microorganisms obtained from wounds in fruits and their adaptation to cold storage conditions. Ten isolates were evaluated as potential antagonists of Penicillium digitatum (Pers.) Sacc by forced inoculation, recording their effectiveness by the percentage of wounds that remained asymptomatic and calculating the area under the curve of disease progression. Under the conditions of this study, strains S5 and S9 delayed 14 days the onset of symptoms of decay, achieving a maximum wounds biological protection efficiency of 47.65%.

Keywords: plant pathology, biocontrol, postharvest rots